It all started when Ashleigh sent a picture of her car on 0ur Facebook page, and it looked like a great grocery getter build, so here it is!

Hey guys. Thanks for being interested in my car! I have a 2004 Java Black Pearl Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon.
My name is Ashleigh Hack, I am originally from Arizona but currently reside in a small town in New Mexico. Not a whole lot of people in the car scene here so my car defiantly stands out; but I don’t mind at all haha.
My wagon is the definite Grocery Getter in my family, since I do have two kids and my other ride (my husbands car) is an STi; so I have a little more room in the back than he does to store groceries haha.
Tony AES
As for modifications, It has a VIS racing Carbon Kevlar hood, Tein S. Tech Lowering Springs, Pink Super Hella Horns, Pinky Grip Royal Steering Wheel and some Rota Grids for now. Engine work is in the future, as well as many other modifications. I will defiantly keep you guys updated!

Big thanks to Tony AES for the photography!


Written by lobster

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