Today, I got a chance to see RWB’s one and only legendary Nakai-san in action thanks to my friend Jay alerting me to the event at The Drive’s studio. I had never gone to this area of Brooklyn before even though I’m a New York City native. Thank god I didn’t take my Miata through the BQE’s constantly dug up blackhole infested roads. The Industry City complex was very nice, much cleaner and modern then I expected.

Once we got there, a mind reading gentleman holding food saw us walking by and asked if we were looking for Nakai-san. Why yes, yes we are, kind sir! This gentleman turned out to be The Drive’s very own Mike, who gave us a brief introduction to The Drive, their space and the event. Thanks Mike!

As I walked in, I saw the lineup of 3 Porsches laid out in front of me, 991 GT3 RS, and two 964’s. The one that Nakai-san was working on today was itsWhiteNoise founder Elizabeth White’s very own black 964.

GGC x CWong Photography RWBatTheDrive09 GGC x CWong Photography RWBatTheDrive12

As I watched, I realized one of the first websites I ever followed regarding the car scene, Fatlace, its founder Mark Arsenal was also there! What an honor to be at this event! It’s no joke when they tell you Nakai-san lives on iced coffee and cigarettes. I am still amazed that he has such a short deadline and he still works meticulously in a slow and calm fashion. Stay calm and Nakai-san on!

GGC x CWong Photography RWBatTheDrive25 GGC x CWong Photography RWBatTheDrive41

Watching Nakai-san work so diligently made me hungry, so we grabbed a snack at Burma Noodle Bar. They were all sold out other then the Coconut Curry Chicken Noodle, which turned out to be pretty tasty.

GGC x CWong Photography RWBatTheDrive31

Time came to leave and Nakai-san was just taking a coffee/cigarette. My friend Jay courageously struck up small talk with Nakai-san while I stood there wondering how he was going to react, and couldn’t help but ask the last question as we left, “So did you think of a name for this one yet?” The intimidating fellow replied “No, not yet, OH maybe Brooklyn!” And that is the story of how I met Mr. Nakai-san.

Thank you again to The Drive and itsWhiteNoise for the chance to experience this once in a lifetime event!


Written by lobster

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