GGC 7s Day 48

PRIME presents 7’s Day: NYC’s Rotary Revival

I got a last minute invite to PRIME’s Rotary Revival meet, and I jet out to the city in my little Miata, battling taxis, bicyclists, potholes, protests and ripped up roads. It was a great meet, and around 10pm, everyone set out for a south run on the west side highway. Here’s some pictures and a… Read more »


First 2017 Acura NSX Finally rolls off the production line

After what seems like centuries of waiting, seeing concepts come and go, hopes revived and crushed, the first 2017 NSX in Valencia red pearl paint rolled off the production line! Image via Autoblog


Nissan Steals The Show At NYIAS 2016

Nissan won hands down with their display. JDM snacks and drinks, whole lineup of the GTR lineage, unveiling of the 2017 GTR. From the legendary hakosuka to the latest technological street menace, the R35 were on display. It was just jaw dropping to see these museum quality cars right in front of my eyes, close… Read more »

GGC at NYIAS 2016 097

Girls of the NYIAS

To continue my random segments of the NYIAS, I decided to snap some pictures of the models at the show, because if not, their hours spent standing on those high heels would be wasted right? I tried to do this in the least creepy way by actually approaching the models and ask them if it… Read more »


Foods of the NYIAS

I didn’t really take pictures of the buffet-like setup at the manufacturer booths on press days, so maybe next year, I’ll do a more thorough analysis of that aspect of the show for your entertainment. Starting this article is the first snack that stood out to me. Pocky and Macha Kit Kat. Good marketing Nissan! You got my… Read more »

GGC x CWong Photography RWBatTheDrive28

RWB at The Drive “Brooklyn” Build

Today, I got a chance to see RWB’s one and only legendary Nakai-san in action thanks to my friend Jay alerting me to the event at The Drive’s studio. I had never gone to this area of Brooklyn before even though I’m a New York City native. Thank god I didn’t take my Miata through… Read more »

GGC at NYIAS 2016 126

New York International Auto Show Press Days 2016

This year, I was invited back to the NYIAS. It came in an envelope with a letter that started off as “Congratulations, you have been pre-approved for a press pass at the NYIAS 2016. I would have probably thrown the letter away if I didn’t rarely get letters and was finally receiving some form of approval. As… Read more »


The JDM Prowl

  Credit to CWong Photography

ADV.1 Saab 9-3

Bloody Sexy Saab

I always thought Saabs were classy already, but this one really takes it up a notch with simple styling on ADV.1 wheels



The other day I received a call to hear some good news. My buddy Mackenzie Herron had finished some recent upgrades and it was time to shoot the beauty. This is his Audi TT laying frame on some gorgeous 3 piece Porsche twists. So he rolled by and we set out to shoot. Here is… Read more »

  • GGC Lowered Congress Monkey Wrench Friday Fitment 004

    9.7 Friday Night Stance Meet

    I haven’t been to many car meets lately, and definitely haven’t been taking many pictures, so I decided that GGC needed some new event coverage. The infamous Tesh invited me and a select few to his shop for a small get together invite only meet, so I figure, why not? Didn’t really stay long, so… Read more »

  • AY0F3952

    Rauh Welt Idlers 2012

    First off, I think this video is amazing. It really portrays the RWB culture as a family, and it’s amazing the lengths that Nakai goes to bringing this group of gearheads together. His creations are truly a work of art and such beautiful eye candy. JIZZ. Great film from Tennxx on Vimeo and pictures from… Read more »

  • GGC Feature Cars 004

    WekSos East 2012

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it out to the first WekSos event taking place on the East coast because of my Montreal trip, but thank god Hobbes was able to go and snap a few pictures for those of us who didn’t go 😀 Check out Hobbes on Facebook and Tofu Wreck Films and like… Read more »

  • Paint Correction

    Paint Correction 101

    For those who need a great basic understanding of paint correction, the following video is great! via the Drive channel on Youtube

  • Keep it Clean…Keep it Simple people will notice..


    Euro and JDM Lovin…

  • Makeshift Jackstands

    When people really want to work on their cars but don’t have a legit jack stands, they improvise. I wonder what they can use for wrenches… *GGC does NOT enforce the following methods of keeping your car lifted in the air. However, if you have “innovative” pictures like this, please do feel free to send… Read more »

  • Olympus OM-D

    Olympus OM-D 6.28.2 Release

    There’s something about film cameras that draws me to them visually. I actually own a few, but never used them (Bought their lenses to use on my dSLR’s) I love their sturdy construction and aesthetically, it beats out modern dSLRs. This newest Micro Four Thirds camera from Olympus has me excited about bringing that old… Read more »

  • Abstract Thoughts [Teaser]

    This Lexus GS belongs to Chris from New York, and we’ve got a full feature soon. For now, we’ll let you wonder how the full car looks like rolling on Luxury Abstracts 😀 Thanks to CWong Photography for the pictures! Be sure to browse and like his facebook page!

  • CIMG2723

    Random Car Facts: Q45 Foot Massage

    The back rest of some upper trimmed Y33’s [Q45 / President / Cima / Gloria] folds down for the rear seat passenger to stick their VIP foot through and get a nice foot massage along with a back and ass massage. Well I’ll be damned. That’s Hella VIP!

  • Nissan Cima | Presidential treatment

    The Q45 was one of my dream cars to get right after high school, but I remember walking into a car insurance agency and finding out that a 6 month policy costs $2000. That’s fucked up. Anyways, I’ve always wanted to build up a Y32 chassis for VIP because of it’s torque-y engine, smooth ride… Read more »

  • Grocery Getting VIP G20

    VIP USDM Primera

    How many times have you seen a P11 G20 on the streets and thought to yourself “That’s a nice looking car?” I’ve always thought it was one of the nicest looking sedans to come out of the 90’s, but rarely have I seen them modified in US. Here’s a look at one of the handful… Read more »

  • GGC Camatte

    Toyota Camatte

    Toyota broke into the more youthful car scene with Scion, with a target range of 18-25 year old drivers. Nearly the whole lineup is full of hits, such as the xB, TC and brand new FRS. Now, Toyota wants to reinvent the car game it seems. I bring you the Camatte. Amphibious mode? Looks like… Read more »

  • Aussie Miata Track Rat

    Aussie Miata Track Rat

    This may be one of my favorite purpose built NA Miatas out there. It’s simple and not in your face, but still a super mint red Miata which is pretty hard nowadays. And it’s super shiny for a track car! via

  • GGC Grocery Getter First Cargasm Meet 025

    GGC’s first Cargasm Meet 6.5

    No planning went into this event AT ALL. I randomly decided on Sunday to throw a small meet and greet, 2 days before the meet at Cunningham Park, but was informed there was a circus in town. Ok, let’s just move it to Alley Pond Park a small distance away. Here’s the results: The turn… Read more »