First 2017 Acura NSX Finally rolls off the production line

After what seems like centuries of waiting, seeing concepts come and go, hopes revived and crushed, the first 2017 NSX in Valencia red pearl paint rolled off the production line! Image via Autoblog


Nissan Steals The Show At NYIAS 2016

Nissan won hands down with their display. JDM snacks and drinks, whole lineup of the GTR lineage, unveiling of the 2017 GTR. From the legendary hakosuka to the latest technological street menace, the R35 were on display. It was just jaw dropping to see these museum quality cars right in front of my eyes, close… Read more »

GGC at NYIAS 2016 097

Girls of the NYIAS

To continue my random segments of the NYIAS, I decided to snap some pictures of the models at the show, because if not, their hours spent standing on those high heels would be wasted right? I tried to do this in the least creepy way by actually approaching the models and ask them if it… Read more »


Foods of the NYIAS

I didn’t really take pictures of the buffet-like setup at the manufacturer booths on press days, so maybe next year, I’ll do a more thorough analysis of that aspect of the show for your entertainment. Starting this article is the first snack that stood out to me. Pocky and Macha Kit Kat. Good marketing Nissan! You got my… Read more »

GGC x CWong Photography RWBatTheDrive28

RWB at The Drive “Brooklyn” Build

Today, I got a chance to see RWB’s one and only legendary Nakai-san in action thanks to my friend Jay alerting me to the event at The Drive’s studio. I had never gone to this area of Brooklyn before even though I’m a New York City native. Thank god I didn’t take my Miata through… Read more »

GGC at NYIAS 2016 126

New York International Auto Show Press Days 2016

This year, I was invited back to the NYIAS. It came in an envelope with a letter that started off as “Congratulations, you have been pre-approved for a press pass at the NYIAS 2016. I would have probably thrown the letter away if I didn’t rarely get letters and was finally receiving some form of approval. As… Read more »


The JDM Prowl

  Credit to CWong Photography

ADV.1 Saab 9-3

Bloody Sexy Saab

I always thought Saabs were classy already, but this one really takes it up a notch with simple styling on ADV.1 wheels



The other day I received a call to hear some good news. My buddy Mackenzie Herron had finished some recent upgrades and it was time to shoot the beauty. This is his Audi TT laying frame on some gorgeous 3 piece Porsche twists. So he rolled by and we set out to shoot. Here is… Read more »

Mugen Del Sol

Mugen Del Sol

This is not only one of the cleanest Del Sol builds, but Honda builds in general. The quality of build on this is just unbelieveable, and he really understands the concept of building up a car. It is not something that happens over night or even in month. It takes time, effort, imagination and for… Read more »


    NSeX On the Prowl

    HONDA NSX (EXTENDED VERSION) BY FORMAT67.NET from FORMAT67.NET on Vimeo. I’ve been following these guys for a while now on Vimeo, and they create some epic videos. Check them out @ FORMAT67.NET and support them by dropping some green on their online downloads [seeing how they’re so popular they sold out their DVD’s!]

  • IMG_8621

    Daily Turbo’ed IS300

    Finally had a legit photoshoot set up with the owner of this IS300, meeting up at a shady area in the Rockaways. I’m surprised he didn’t just leave the site right away. Anyways, after chatting about the car throughout the photoshoot I found out he bought this car brand new, and it was originally black…. Read more »

  • Yo Word Up!

    HellaFlush WordUp Drift Event

    Word Up Sesh #4 from iPhilms on Vimeo. Damn Cali does it up right with these events… NYC is so tight on space! Any ideas how we can have an event like this set up in the five boroughs??? Also, GGC is looking for Video Specialists looking to gain exposure… any takers? =]

  • IMG_8508 HLTthumb

    HEADlight Theory 2.13.11

    I found out about this meet pretty last minute, and decided to head over because there was going to be over 100 people popping up according to the facebook event. After waking up late and getting a massage in Flushing, I made my way out to Forest Park right next to the Jackie Robinson. To… Read more »

  • IMG_8341

    GGC Budget Daily Driver Build

    Corolla LE Touring Edition What does that car bring up images of? To me, it is a straight up grocery getter driven by parents in their 40’s and up, most likely Asian, who might take their family onto short road trips to neighboring states in. Even worse, a student driver ::shudder :: Now this story… Read more »

  • img_5712

    the FOZ

    2001 Subaru Forester STI To kick off the start of this website, I am running an exclusive write up of a 2001 Subaru Forester, owned by a great friend of mine, who is actually THE REASON for the start of the Grocery Getter Crew name. Two of my friends had gone upstate to pick up… Read more »

  • img_NFS

    NFS:Hot Pursuit @ Classic Car Club

    During summer at college, I had a chance to visit the Classic Car Club in a limited event hosted by Rockstar Games for their Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit preview event after classes. This might have been my only chance to step into that spot without looking out of place. So the game looks promising, and… Read more »

  • Corolla snow shoot

    NYC Snowstorm 12.26.10_day1

    Man this storm caught EVERYONE off guard. I didn’t even know we were getting a storm in the tristate until my friend asked me to take snow pics in a few days. I was wondering how much snow we were going to get, but as long as there was snow, I wanted to make good… Read more »

  • IMG_6284

    Virginia Skyline Drive Cruise

    So I decided to go visit my friend who had gone down to VA for the past few years finally, and he wasn’t the full reason lol. He asked me to come down and take pics of his car for a cruise with him and a few friends. A few friends he said. It turned… Read more »

  • IMG_1882

    LI Forester Meet/Bentley Dealership

    Wow the fact that there were Forester meets was weird to me, but for one to be held at a Bentley dealership was MINDBLOWING. When I was given the chance to tag along, I just could not pass on it. We took a convoy consisting of a group of 3 STi swapped cars: Forester, 2.5rs… Read more »

  • 148241_648672797515_16409396_36185512_4100486_n

    Buying a dud

    I’ve gone through 2 cars in the last 2 months. A 1993 Honda Del Sol and a 1996 Mazda Miata M-Edition, both similar in concepts, but different in execution. The Del “Slo” was meant to be a chill weekend cruiser that’s easy to drive for everyone. I loved that car, but only for a few weeks,… Read more »