First 2017 Acura NSX Finally rolls off the production line

After what seems like centuries of waiting, seeing concepts come and go, hopes revived and crushed, the first 2017 NSX in Valencia red pearl paint rolled off the production line! Image via Autoblog


Nissan Steals The Show At NYIAS 2016

Nissan won hands down with their display. JDM snacks and drinks, whole lineup of the GTR lineage, unveiling of the 2017 GTR. From the legendary hakosuka to the latest technological street menace, the R35 were on display. It was just jaw dropping to see these museum quality cars right in front of my eyes, close… Read more »

GGC at NYIAS 2016 097

Girls of the NYIAS

To continue my random segments of the NYIAS, I decided to snap some pictures of the models at the show, because if not, their hours spent standing on those high heels would be wasted right? I tried to do this in the least creepy way by actually approaching the models and ask them if it… Read more »


Foods of the NYIAS

I didn’t really take pictures of the buffet-like setup at the manufacturer booths on press days, so maybe next year, I’ll do a more thorough analysis of that aspect of the show for your entertainment. Starting this article is the first snack that stood out to me. Pocky and Macha Kit Kat. Good marketing Nissan! You got my… Read more »

GGC x CWong Photography RWBatTheDrive28

RWB at The Drive “Brooklyn” Build

Today, I got a chance to see RWB’s one and only legendary Nakai-san in action thanks to my friend Jay alerting me to the event at The Drive’s studio. I had never gone to this area of Brooklyn before even though I’m a New York City native. Thank god I didn’t take my Miata through… Read more »

GGC at NYIAS 2016 126

New York International Auto Show Press Days 2016

This year, I was invited back to the NYIAS. It came in an envelope with a letter that started off as “Congratulations, you have been pre-approved for a press pass at the NYIAS 2016. I would have probably thrown the letter away if I didn’t rarely get letters and was finally receiving some form of approval. As… Read more »


The JDM Prowl

  Credit to CWong Photography

ADV.1 Saab 9-3

Bloody Sexy Saab

I always thought Saabs were classy already, but this one really takes it up a notch with simple styling on ADV.1 wheels



The other day I received a call to hear some good news. My buddy Mackenzie Herron had finished some recent upgrades and it was time to shoot the beauty. This is his Audi TT laying frame on some gorgeous 3 piece Porsche twists. So he rolled by and we set out to shoot. Here is… Read more »

Mugen Del Sol

Mugen Del Sol

This is not only one of the cleanest Del Sol builds, but Honda builds in general. The quality of build on this is just unbelieveable, and he really understands the concept of building up a car. It is not something that happens over night or even in month. It takes time, effort, imagination and for… Read more »

  • BMW Liberty State Park Meet 7 series

    Best BMWs for Last

    BMW forums all over had a meet at Liberty State Park on March 27th, 2011, and there was supposedly 250 cars in attendance. I totally missed it, because the meet started started earlier at 12, and I did not get there until 3. The meet was supposed to last until 4, but because of the… Read more »

  • CRSX-5

    ClubRSX D&B Meet 3.27.11

    Now that winter mode is over, we can finally put back on those precious mods we hibernated through the season. The peeps at clubrsx.com just started spring with their annual Dave & Buster’s meet at Farmingdale L.I, and what a great turnout it was. A lot of new faces and a handfull of regulars made… Read more »

  • Golden Era

    The Golden Era

    We’ve come a long way from the old days of motor racing. A period “when sex was safe, and motor racing was dangerous.” As the 2011 Formula 1 season kicks off today, here’s a video that captures the spirit that started it all. Grand Prix – The Golden Era by Antti from Istvan Andrasko on… Read more »

  • IMG_9611

    DUMBO Model Photoshoot 3.20.11

    My friend informed me of a model photoshoot going on with a small photography group, so I decided to go and have a look see. And I like what I see! DUMBO [Down Under Manhattan Brooklyn Overpass], Brooklyn is a nice area, but not Shaniqua-friendly… as in my Corolla. The lowered suspension on cobblestone and… Read more »

  • IMG_2809 copy

    Dub Fresh GTG

    While browsing through necarmeets, I found out about a meet in North Brunswick, NJ behind the Chili’s Restaurant on route 1. I had no idea car meets took place there but apparently that’s where the tri-state vwvortex members have their annual season opener. Last year they had over 130 cars in attendance so I was pretty excited about… Read more »

  • IMG_9278

    Carribean Delight

    Everyone seems to be into Subbies in the North East region of the US. I guess it’s because of its practicality and reliability for our harsh winter daily driving duties. With Georgios, this was no exception, as proven by the I <3 My Subaru on the rear window. This 1995 Subaru started off as a… Read more »

  • IMG_9177

    HEADlight Theory Forest Bash 3.13.11

    Another crazy packed car meet brought to you by the guys over at HEADlightTheory.com I was lucky to even get in and get a spot, seeing as how people who came later then me took half an hour to round the lot just to park right outside. It was a same crazy crowd with some… Read more »

  • Handmade Portraits Liberty Vintage Motorcycles

    The American “Can-Do” Attitude…

    This is a video I think many of us who rock “grocery getters” on the daily can relate to. We drive self-made, self-built, self-maintained rides. Getting dirt under your nails, it’s the sign of a true gearhead. I can’t agree more with Cramer in that these skills are a dying art. I have the utmost… Read more »

  • Genesis on 20

    Genesis on 20″

    Hyundai Genesis on 20″ Vossen VVS-CV2 Concave Wheels from Vossen Wheels on Vimeo. It’s Hyundai, like Sunday Vossen VVS-CV2 F: 20×9 / R: 20×10.5 Matte Black Machined w/Stainless Lip vossenwheels.com

  • Elegant VIP GS

    Elegant VIP GS

    Winter/Mode from Kenny Cano on Vimeo. Feature of Rob D’s Lexus GS Filmed and Edited by Kenny Cano of Canibeat www.canibeat.com www.kennycano.com

  • IMG_8768

    True Legend

    I used to own a 1994 Acura Legend. It did not look anything like this gem from what I can recall. It was a great car, until tranny started slipping, and the fear of the common blown head gasket problem every time I rolled out my driveway into the uncertain world caused me to sell… Read more »

  • Heffner Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Acceleration

    Heffner Twin Turbo Gallardo

    Heffner Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Acceleration by SuperFastHD – the name says it all. For more subscribe to SuperFastHD’s YouTube channel www.superfasthd.tv

  • IMG_8891

    Slammed Twin Civics

    “It’s not what you have, it’s what you make out of it “

  • Drift Mechanik's Keep Drifting Fun

    Keep Drifting Fun

    Drift Mechanik’s Keep Drifting Fun from Joshua Herron on Vimeo. I’m sure most of you have seen this one already but if not, you are very welcome! Great song, excellent camera work…what more can you ask for? Joshua Herron | joshuaherron.com Will Roegge | willroegge.com Keep Drifting Fun | keepdriftingfun.com Music by: The White Rabbits | whiterabbitsmusic.com

  • JDMLegends

    JDM Legends

    JDM Legends from Josh Clason on Vimeo. Warning: Music may not be for everyone, but for me, it artistically adds to the short film. On another note, who wouldn’t want to own those 3 JDM classics in the garage? 1st gen Celica, Hakosuka, and a C110 skyline [correct me if i’m wrong] KEEP THE JAPANESE… Read more »