This year, I was invited back to the NYIAS. It came in an envelope with a letter that started off as “Congratulations, you have been pre-approved for a press pass at the NYIAS 2016. I would have probably thrown the letter away if I didn’t rarely get letters and was finally receiving some form of approval. As I read on, I figured, “Hey, I can use a day off of work and walk around the whole day in a glass building looking and sitting in cars!”

This isn’t the first time at the NYIAS press day for me, and believe me, it is so much more relaxed then public days. That’s not saying you shouldn’t go anyways, but I do NOT miss the crowds on public days, and parents losing their wild screaming kids left and right. And I’m sorry to rub it in, the manufacturers try to impress the press with food, drinks and a little alcohol. Well it worked, I’m impressed with their spread. Check out the foods of the NYIAS for press days. We do have the adults’ article, models of the NYIAS as well.


Written by lobster

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