To continue my random segments of the NYIAS, I decided to snap some pictures of the models at the show, because if not, their hours spent standing on those high heels would be wasted right? I tried to do this in the least creepy way by actually approaching the models and ask them if it was ok to take a picture of them next to my favorite car in the area (for the same manufacturer who hired them of course) Now guys, the “No means no” rule still applies here. So if they reject a photo, just leave her(or him) alone and don’t try to find out their name, number and home address. It’s not healthy. I also notice some guys talk to the girls and ask them questions along the lines of the century old “ASL?” This is a auto show guys, not a club or AOL chat room.

On to the pictures:

At Nissan with an R33:

GGC at NYIAS 2016 023

Daniele Schillaci with the R35 GTR, but I think the GTR is a better model. Just a personal preference.

GGC at NYIAS 2016 029

This girl in front of the #11 FedEx Camry piloted by Denny Hamlin.

GGC at NYIAS 2016 054

I’ve gotta say, Alfa Romeo has the most attractive and seductive girls of the whole show. I actually heard one of the models ask a creeper “Are those pictures for your website or yourself?” DAMN. It’s scary being a girl. And NO she wasn’t talking to me.

GGC at NYIAS 2016 060 GGC at NYIAS 2016 062 GGC at NYIAS 2016 068

That Fiat 124 Spider is pretty damn sexy. Compared to the Miata, I think I like the ND Miata’s front end, but the Fiat’s rear end.

GGC at NYIAS 2016 097

This girl was wearing a gown at the auto show! Never seen that before, but very classy! Definitely makes you do a double take at the Maserati section, and points out the elegance of the brand.

GGC at NYIAS 2016 112

Can Doug DeMuro be considered a model? His articles are pretty entertaining, and he gets some pretty awesome cars!

GGC at NYIAS 2016 116

This girl at Viper was just chillin’ chatting with people of the press. That is one aggressive car though… mmmMMM! I’d love to hoon the sh*t out of that V10 beast!

GGC at NYIAS 2016 120

That’s it for the girls of NYIAS, guys! Until next time!


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