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GGC was originally founded in Queens, NY (2007) among five friends as an inside joke. On January 1st 2011, the website was launched with the intention of gathering like minded car enthusiasts who don’t want to sacrifice power and fun for practicality and reliability. Who says you can’t have it all?

This website is dedicated to those daily drivers built for the streets and not the garage. Cars with full interiors, air conditioning intact and of course, can get the groceries in a hurry. Don’t get us wrong, we love exotics and show cars just as much but when it boils down to the daily grind, the grocery getter always delivers. Our goal is to showcase the baddest sleepers roaming the streets daily.

Site Breakdown

    • Featured Rides: All makes, models and years. No discrimination here!
    • Events: Various car shows, meets, track days…you name it.
    • Blog: Collection of our random rantings.
    • Storefront: GGC goodies!

We are currently based in the Tri-state area so if you are not in the immediate neighborhood but would like to contribute to our posts, please send your submissions to our SUBMISSION PAGE

Feel free to email us at for anything else